As people of faith and good will, we are called to seek and do God’s will, to foster the common good of all, and to denounce those who sow hatred and the desire for dominance over others. To do so, we must live our faith beyond our synagogues, churches, and mosques, and even beyond the well-intentioned temples in our hearts.

A Faith That Does Justice (AFTDJ) denounces the unilateral and unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine by Russian leadership. It is heart-breaking to me, and I am sure to you, that thousands of innocent lives will soon be lost in a war that is unjustifiable and so many miles from our shores. And yet, the whole world will be affected by this inhumane event that is now unfolding before our eyes.

May we witness in some way our compassion for those who will be affected by this tragedy. Our efforts to help, by writing to our political leaders to forgo violence as a response, to support world-wide effective economic sanctions against Russia to hasten an end to its aggression, to offer charitable donations to reputable non-profit organizations for anticipated refugee assistance, or for other financial needs, etc., move us beyond our ascent to dogma and the ritual observance of faith we profess in our religious institutions, to living faith in action in service to the love, compassion and justice that is the essence of the kingdom of God, a world where we believe God’s love will one-day triumph over hate, and God’s desire for life in its fulness will overcome death and human sinfulness. It is a belief perhaps needed now more than ever, given the expected loss of life and the coming hardships that threaten Ukraine, Europe, and our entire world community.

Let us pray for all those who will suffer in this conflict, and for our larger world community that is still so in need of redemption. May our witness to those in need hasten the pursuit of peace and justice for our entire world.