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A Faith That Does Justice is volunteer-led organization. Learn how you can get involved and help people put their faith into action.

Meet Our Team

Volunteers enable A Faith That Does Justice to fulfill its mission of Inspiring Faith in Action. Those who have joined us in this important journey feel a sense of fulfillment and even ownership of the work we are doing on behalf of those in need. It is a beautiful transformation to experience and worthy of your consideration. Below are some of the many volunteers who currently enable our achievements.


A native of Portland, Oregon, Adam’s career brought him to the Boston area in 2012 while working with Conservation Service Group, an energy efficiency-focused nonprofit organization (now CLEAResult Consulting). Adam has over 10 years of experience in software development and system implementation in the energy efficiency industry. He is Managing Partner of SailOne Solutions, a Brookline-based consulting firm helping local businesses improve their technology. A member of Saint Cecilia Parish in Boston, Adam attended a Mass celebrated by Fr. Gyves and heard his message of living faith through action, inspiring him to find a way to get involved. When the opportunity arose to use his skills to help amplify the message of A Faith That Does Justice, Adam was excited to jump in. Adam and his wife Caitlin relocated to Burlington, VT in 2021 with their two children, Gabriel and Cecilia, and enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, and enjoying all that New England has to offer.


As Director of Operations and Treasurer for AFTDJ since 2017, I have had the opportunity to see the growth and range of services we provide to enrich the lives of so many people. My career in executive positions in the hospitality industry, and my experience serving on multiple volunteer positions throughout my life, have enabled me to contribute to the organizational development and strategies for AFTDJ.  In addition to enjoying the many benefits of living in Boston, some of my favorite places to relax with family and friends are on the beaches of Nantucket or sailing in the Virgin islands.


I’ve been a volunteer with A Faith That Does Justice since early 2018, starting as a telephone caller and administrative volunteer. Later, I became Director of Finance & Accounting. I am married, live in Boston, and have three adult children.  I enjoy playing tennis, hiking and kayaking.


I have volunteered with AFTDJ since 2017, working with the Spanish-speaking community, and volunteering at workshops and community meetings.  I am the mother of two teenagers who keep me busy with sporting and school events.  I am grateful to call the North Shore of Boston home, where I can frequently be found walking our local beaches.


I have been involved with A Faith That Does Justice in community outreach since 2018 after retiring to Boston after 40 years of Food Sales in the NY metropolitan area. My wife and I met in Boston almost 50 years ago at our first jobs and vowed that we would return to our favorite city. Although still a Yankee fan, I enjoy living in the Back Bay and walking everywhere — especially to St. Cecilia Church and it’s many opportunities to reach out to those less fortunate, That’s where I met Father Peter and found AFTDJ to be a perfect opportunity to do just that.


My role is to manage the student information database and to support the teachers and students in the ESOL program. I have been volunteering with AFTDJ since 2021.  I work in the IT department at Harvard Law School, live in Boston and love to travel, attend live music venues, sailing and swimming.


I’ve been a volunteer at A Faith That Does Justice since 2020, managing student relationships, focusing on the Spanish speaking community and supporting students in their learning and development. I live in Boston and work at MIT, I am passionate about traveling and discovering different cultures and beliefs.


I have 25 years teaching experience in Boston Catholic schools, Renaissance Charter School and Boston Public Schools. I have co-directed a community arts & early literacy program at the South Boston Neighborhood House. I started volunteering at AFTDJ after attending AFTDJ’s community forums in Boston after meeting Father Peter and Bill Sheehan at an event at BC High. At AFTDJ, I teach Early Beginners in the ESOL (English as a Second Language) program. Part of my passion for teaching derives from my family history; all of my grandparents were immigrants.

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I am a native of Ireland, who returned to Boston in 2013 after eight years living and working overseas. I have been involved with AFTDJ since its early days and have helped with student recruitment through my connections in the immigrant community. I conduct registration interviews in Spanish, Haitian Kreyole and French. Providing classes online is generating great interest. I like to garden in my community garden plot, sing and travel internationally.


I’ve been A Faith That Does Justice (AFTDJ) volunteer since 2022 as the Director of Community Engagement. I’m a Boston native with familial roots in Nigeria and Montserrat. I have worked for several years in business and social justice. I’m passionate about community building, diversity-equity & inclusion and advocacy. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, singing and spending time with family and friends.

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My urge to become an ESOL tutor began when I recently started learning Spanish. Despite having the best tutor, I strongly felt that I would make better progress and improve my spanish vocabulary and speaking skills if I had someone to converse with. Being an adult and learning a new language made me very conscious about any mistake that I might make while speaking. It was at that moment that I realized that having a non judgemental person to speak with makes a huge difference while learning a language. I believe learning or speaking a new language is a skill, and a very important one. Any skill can be improved with consistent practice. I realized even though I didn’t find someone to help me that way, I can still be that person for someone else. Living in a country where the primary language is English, I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone who does not understand or speak english. I wanted to put my time and skills to best use and help people like me. Hence, I took orientations, training and a certification course to become an ESOL teacher. I have former tutoring experiences as well. I am a very patient teacher and a very good listener. I can create an environment for the students where they can be open and bold. I will make sure the students are comfortable and that they are in a completely judgment free zone and that we are all (including me) here to learn from each other. I can go over the same thing as many times as a student would like until they are sure and confident in that topic. My aim is that, if I can help even one person with their English to improve their vocabulary, confidence and their overall English standard, I would be more than happy and content.


I joined A Faith That Does Justice in April 2022 where I assist with seeking and securing grant funding for the organization’s various programs. I work full-time as a grants associate for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving in Connecticut and have worked with grants through consulting, volunteering and as a nonprofit board member. In my free time, I enjoy running, photography, gardening and woodworking.


Retired in 2017 from the Information Technology field after 35 years, with my last 15 years being spent at Fidelity Investments. Enjoy reading, sports, music and life in general. Have been a lifelong Catholic and have a strong desire to help others as the Lord calls us to and as Father Peter re-emphasizes when you hear him speak. Born and raised in the Boston area, as is my wife of 37 years, and am committed to helping others in our communities.


As President and Director of AFTDJ which I founded in San Diego, CA in 2015, before moving the program to Boston in late 2016, I realized how universal the need is for an interfaith organization that raises consciousness about social issues affecting the most vulnerable among us. My working in El Salvador, Guatemala and several African countries, both as a priest and physician, provided a strong foundation and perspective on how we can offer opportunities for people to walk in solidarity with those whom our society marginalizes. It was those experiences that led to the development of AFTDJ. To witness our growth in the Boston area and beyond, I am deeply grateful to our dedicated volunteers who through their time, talent and financial support have raised people’s awareness of social justice and provided opportunities to help those in need. Living in Boston has enabled me to pursue my enjoyment of music through the Boston Symphony Orchestra and most recently I have begun bicycling along the Charles River.


I’m a Student Relationship Manager and I have volunteered since 2020, when I used to live in Boston area. In AFTDJ, I work mostly with Portuguese speakers students. I’m from Brazil and a Portuguese teacher in the State of São Paulo. I got my Masters in Education in 2018 and learning new languages and cultures has always been my passion. As a Catholic, I believe that putting our faith into action is giving the opportunity to let the Holy Spirit work in us to create a more peaceful world.


As a volunteer for AFTDJ since 2017, I coordinate the marketing and communications, both internally to our rapidly growing base of volunteers and to those who lives are being touched by the efforts of AFTDJ.  I’ve been married for 49 years, have three sons and three grandchildren.  I enjoy traveling around the US and abroad, sailing, kayaking and hiking.


After 25 years as editor-in-chief of the Horn Book, a magazine for grownups about books for young people, I retired in December 2021. Since then, I have kept busy with walking my dog, watering the garden, reading books for grownups, and singing in St. Cecelia’s choir. Reading has always been at the center of my life and career (which I began as a children’s librarian) and I’m happy that I might be able to help new English learners unlock its power.

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I am a new volunteer in fundraising with AFTDJ. I am a former teacher having worked in high school and colleges and have always loved working with students who might not have had a strong foundation, but who are tenacious and ready to work.  I’ve been married for 39 years, am the mother of four adult children and four grandchildren. I enjoy reading, hiking, biking, quilting, skiing and long walks. I am excited to be part of the AFTDJ community.

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