On May 29th, 2018, both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking members of the AFTDJ community gathered for a Friends’ Appreciation Dinner at the parish hall of St. Cecilia’s Church in Boston. They shared dinner to celebrate a year of successful workshops and community meetings that raised consciousness about the most vulnerable populations around us. The cast was diverse, including many Spanish-speaking volunteers and supporters. Fr. Gyves spoke about reaffirming Jesus’ mission to put faith into action and to challenge the systems of injustice that pervade our society today. Building on this year’s success, he also discussed AFTDJ’s new English as a Second Language (ESL) initiative that will expand its service to the immigrant populations in downtown Boston. In conclusion, all participants were given a carrying bag with the AFTDJ logo as a gesture of AFTDJ’s appreciation for attending multiple events or for volunteering time and talent to its mission.