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Fight or Flight

Fighting or fleeing our church issues is another story. The church has suffered a momentous credibility crisis due, primarily, to the horrendous sexual abuse crisis. It is no wonder that many Catholics, raised in the church as children, have walked away from the institution. There are thousands of former Catholics who have joined other religions or no religion at all. They have chosen to flee.

Really Real Religion

Christianity is a very demanding religion for some people. It has been a religion of doctrines to believe and rules to keep. Accept these requirements and you have a ticket to heaven.

Women Leaders in the Bible

For the most part, women in the Bible appear in subsidiary roles, for the action often takes place in the public square, the domain of men. But not “always.” The biblical story does not flow in an unbroken stream but bumps along and in critical moments turns in new directions. In several points, women, surprisingly, were leaders. 

The Judeo-Christian Holiday Season

The Judeo-Christian traditions are in full celebration mode as we journey towards Hanukkah and Christmas and look forward in hope to 2023.

The Way(s) To God

For Christians, Jesus is the way, as well as the life and the truth.