Sr. Barbara Gutierrez, Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, led the 2019-2020 inaugural event for A Faith That Does Justice: a day of reflection conducted in Spanish entitled  “Nuestro Caminar con Jesus“ or “Our Walk with Jesus.”  Sr. Barbara was joined at St. Anthony Shrine in Downtown Boston by over 50 participants of A Faith That Does Justice to contemplate Jesus and His role in our lives, in good times and difficult times.  Large and small group discussions, reflective music, and a chance to enjoy a delicious lunch made for a meaningful day for all.

Sr. Barbara posed several questions, among them: In what moments of happiness do I walk with Jesus?  How do I share my spiritual wealth?  She then shared many personal stories illustrating that to share our spiritual wealth, we need to stop and reflect on the many positive aspects of our lives.  At the same time, we must acknowledge difficult times and allow Jesus to be a part of those struggles, knowing that He forgives, understands and loves us.  Breaking into small groups for further discussion allowed participants to talk about what they have learned from their happiest moments and what they have learned from their saddest, most difficult moments.  Confidence in Jesus’ love for us, as well as knowing that we live in the grace of God from the day of our baptism, allows us to move through difficult times and savor and be grateful for happy times.

“Nuestro Caminar con Jesus“ brought Spanish-speaking members from different parishes, organizations and countries together.  Sr. Barbara reminded us that the key to spiritual wealth is to be conscientious and grateful.  Jesus walks with us in all aspects of our lives, and we with Him when we allow ourselves to contemplate all that we have.   He has created a community for us. Our job is to consider how we interact with people in that community and invite new people to the community so that we all may walk together.