Past Events

Photos, videos and event summaries related to events hosted by A Faith That Does Justice.


Past Events

Learning Interreligiously as a Key to a Better World

“We are living in an unprecedented time of inter-religious awareness. Pluralism is a fact of life.” That is according to Fr. Francis Clooney, SJ who presented at our workshop, “Learning Interreligiously as a Key to a Better World.”

Immigration Crisis: Lives at Risk at Our Southern Border

Every day we read new headlines about the lack of human dignity for migrants crossing our southern border to begin new lives in the United States, but what can we do about it? That was the topic of our recent community meeting, “Immigration Crisis: Lives at Risk at Our Southern Border.”

Poverty and Inequality in Boston: A Tale of Two Cities?

The Boston metropolitan area is one of the richest in the country with a median household income over $82,000 but it also the 7th most unequal city in terms of income inequality, according to Mary Jo Bane of the Harvard Kennedy School and moderator of our panel,...

The Renewal of Catholic Social Teaching in the Age of Pope Francis

“What difference has Pope Francis made in Catholic social teaching?” According to Thomas Massaro, S.J., Professor of Moral Theology at Fordham University, who led our April workshop at Saint Cecilia Parish Hall, Pope Francis has not only renewed the tradition of...

Kindness and Civility: A Call to Common Purpose

We live in a society in which we have lost the ability to disagree, in which differing perspectives have become synonymous with hatred and disrespect. As Father Peter Gyves said, “We live in a society that is broken… we are better people in this country than what we...

Would You Recognize a Prophet?

Would You Recognize a Prophet? “We are facing a moral crisis in this country,” began Father Peter Gyves, SJ, as he introduced Richard J. Clifford, S.J., Professor Emeritus at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, to lead our February workshop about the...

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Faithful Companion

A Workshop presented by Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, Barbara Gutiérrez. On December 9, 2018, more than 80 people gathered at Boston’s Shrine of St. Anthony for a Spanish language mass said by Fr. Peter Gyves, SJ, MD, founder and president of A Faith That Does...

Making Massachusetts More Welcoming for Immigrants

“We are richer, better, and economically thriving because of immigrants… we’re making it work as an immigrant city.” - Dr. Westy Egmont On the evening of October 16, nearly 100 Boston-area residents gathered for A Faith That Does Justice’s fall Community Meeting,...