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Recent headlines relating to A Faith That Does Justice including media appearances, press releases, and news coverage of events.


In the News

Catholic TV – September 15, 2021

“If we are people of faith, we are called to not just attend churches, synagogues and mosques but to work in society for a world that is better for all.” Watch Father Peter on Catholic TV’s This Is the Day.

From MD to Justice: Peter Gyves’ Path to Nonprofit Leadership

Strife in Central America led Peter Gyves, SJ, MD to shift his focus from being a physician-scientist to helping others in their struggle for justice and, ultimately, founding A Faith That Does Justice, a Boston-based nonprofit that raises consciousness about social issues affecting the most vulnerable people. Here is his story.

Boston News Network – May 13, 2019

Father Peter joins Boston Neighborhood Network News for a discussion about poverty and income inequality in Boston and how we are putting faith into action to walk in solidarity with those less fortunate.

CatholicTV’s “This is the Day”

Father Peter talks with CatholicTV's "This is the Day" about what inspired him to start A Faith That Does Justice and what attends can expect at the next community meeting about income inequality.

Catholic TV: Faith and Social Justice

Father Peter Gyves talks with Jay Fadden of The Catholic TV Network’s signature talk show This is the Day about A Faith That Does Justice and our June Community Meeting on Social Justice, Solidarity and Women in the Workplace.