A recent editorial in the Boston Business Journal (9-13-23) cited several reasons to let migrants join the workforce in Massachusetts. They are a part of the lifeblood of the Massachusetts economy and good for the state’s business, as they fulfill major workforce needs despite the steep short-term costs in doing so. Moreover, there is a moral obligation to respond to their desperation by assisting their efforts to earn a living. For these reasons, it urges the Biden administration to accelerate the approval of work-authorization requests for migrants.

A Faith That Does Justice believes in the inherent rights and dignity of all people, including those who arrive in the USA under extraordinary circumstances. It agrees there is a moral obligation to view them as part of the larger human family that we all share. While countries do have a right to protect their borders in this regard, it is not an absolute one. Many migrants today are fleeing poverty, violence, and a lack of opportunity in their home countries in ways like the European migrants who came into this country in the past. Their welfare must be considered a vital part of the common good of all.

Finally, what is happening in Massachusetts is occurring in many other states in our country.  For these reasons, AFTDJ also calls on the Biden administration to advance the cause of work-authorization for migrants, and encourages its followers to advocate to our political leaders for significant changes to our immigration policies to help those most recently arrived earn a fair living wage, safeguard the well-being of their families, and become active contributors to our economy.