About A Faith That Does Justice 

A Faith That Does Justice is an interfaith organization that challenges people to experience God by living their faith intentionally in service to others. We do this by showing how unjust societal structures marginalize people and by acting to help those in need. Our vision is people intentionally living their faith in action.  

There are four components to A Faith That Does Justice: 

  • Workshops - that honor the inherent human dignity of all and explore how our faiths challenge us to work for a world where all God’s people can enjoy a fair share of the goods of God’s creation. 
  • Community Meetings - that focus on the social issues that affect the most vulnerable among us. Meetings feature invited speakers, discussion groups, and an opportunity to seek advice and assistance from, or even to volunteer with, a non-profit organization in attendance. 
  • Faith in Action - that emphasizes the works of mercy. We have an English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) program led by a volunteer director who works with teachers, tutors and others to provide ESOL training to those who have recently arrived in the U. S. and who need better language and social interaction skills to obtain employment and to live successfully in this country. 
  • Communications – Initiatives to raise consciousness about social issues that are the root causes of injustice for so many through our webpage and the expansion of the faith communities that contribute to The Weekly Word, our weekly email that addresses social justice issues from a faith perspective. Opportunities for virtual connection to our subscribers, including increased use of live and pre-recorded videos on social media. And a weekly newsletter that reached over 3,000 individuals with news and information related to social justice issues across the country. 

For those who live in the greater Boston area, we invite you to join us at our Workshops, Community Meetings, and our English for Speakers of Other Languages program. Please see the Events page for further information about times and locations. And be sure to sign up to receive our communications which you can do on the home page of our website. 

For those who live at a distance and cannot be among us, we invite you to regularly explore our website to walk with us in a transformative journey from a faith that is proclaimed dogmatically to one that is also lived from the heart and acts on behalf of the good of all God’s people. Please explore our website to learn more about our journey. 

Thank you for your interest in A Faith That Does Justice. We hope to see you soon. 

Peter W. Gyves, SJ, MD