This past weekend, Hamas, an Islamist militant group within Gaza, launched a surprise violent assault on Israel. It has resulted to date in over 700 deaths and thousands wounded in Israel. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has promise “mighty vengeance” in return with almost 500 Palestinians already killed in response.

A Faith That Does Justice condemns Hamas’ indiscriminate assault upon Israel and the loss of innocent civilian life. Moreover, while Israel has the right to defend itself from such terror, the pledge of vengeance that will kill more innocent people is also deplorable. History has shown that violence only begets more violence. True peace is achieved when justice is available to all. 

AFTDJ pleads for reason to prevail, one that considers the human rights and dignity of all people, especially innocent civilians, and that violence will soon give way to a dialogue that addresses the root causes of injustice on both sides of this conflict.